Mercedes-Benz 2022 GLC 300 Owner's Manual

Emergencies and breakdowns

  1. B-pillar with: QR code for accessing the rescue card
  2. Safety vests
  3. me button and SOS button
  4. To check and refill operating fluids
  5. To tow-start and tow away
  6. Flat tire
  7. Starting assistance
  8. Hazard warning light system
  9. Fuel filler flap with: information label on fuel type ; Information label on tire pressure; QR code for accessing the rescue card
  10. To tow-start and tow away
  11. Warning triangle
  12. TIREFIT kit
  13. First-aid kit (soft sided)

Door operating unit and seat adjustment

  1. Operates the memory function 
  2. Adjusts the seats electrically 
  3. Switches the seat heating on/off 
  4. Switches the seat ventilation on/off 
  5. Operates the outside mirrors 
  6. Opens/closes the left side window 
  7. Opens/closes the right side window 
  8. Opens/closes the tailgate 
  9. Opens/closes the rear right side window 
  10. Opens/closes the rear left side window 
  11. Child safety lock for the rear side windows 
  12. Opens the door 
  13. Locks/unlocks the vehicle 
  14. Adjusts the seat fore-and-aft position 
  15. Adjusts the 4-way lumbar support 
  16. Seat adjustment using the multimedia system 
  17. Adjusts the head restraints 
  18. Adjusts the seat height 
  19. Adjusts the seat backrest inclination

Digital Operator's Manual

Multimedia system: Info >> Operator's Manual

The Digital Operator's Manual describes the functions and operation of the vehicle and the multimedia system:

Select one of the following menu items in the Digital Operator's Manual:

  • Search: search for keywords in order to find quick answers to questions about the operation of the vehicle.
  • Quick start: here is where you find the first steps towards setting up your vehicle.
  • Tips: find information that prepares you for certain everyday situations with your vehicle.
  • Animations: watch animations of the vehicle functions. 
  • Messages: receive additional information about the messages in the Instrument Display.
  • Bookmarks: gain access to your personally saved bookmarks.
  • Language: select the language for the Digital Operator's Manual

  1. Back
  2. Adds bookmarks
  3. Picture
  4. Contents section
  5. Directions of movement of contents section
  6. Menu

Some sections in the Digital Operator's Manual, e.g. warning notes, can be expanded and col‐ lapsed. Additional methods of calling up the Digital Operator's Manual: Direct access: open the required content in the Digital Operator's Manual by pressing and hold‐ 20 Digital Operator's Manual ing an entry on the tab bar in the multimedia system.

Instrument Display: call up brief information as display messages in the instrument cluster Voice Control System: call up via the voice control system For safety reasons, the Digital Operator's Man‐ ual is deactivated while driving.

Download Mercedes 2022 GLC 300 Owner's Manual.


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